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Beer Inventory Updated 02/06/2016

Beer12 oz bottlesbomberslitter bottlesgrowlerskegsComments
Tweedle Beetle Stout 10000Hope to save most of these for a long conditioning period.
X-Mas Ale 2010 20000Saving for vertical tastings.
X-Mas Ale 2011 30000Hazelnut and cinnamon. Saving for verticle tsstings.
X-Mas Ale 2012 60000Chocolate candy cane. Merry X-Mas.
X-Mas Ale 2013 60000Smoked winter warmer.
X-Mas Ale 2014 70000Holidays are over. Let it age for future vertical tastings.
Gruntled Berry Wei├če 40000Berry and lactic go well together.
Apricot Wheat 60000 
Base Lovin' American Wheat 22000Blending beer?
Gnaughty Gnome Cocoa Stout 42000Small batch. Experimenting with cocoa.
X-Mas Ale 2015 60000Kegged most of the X-Mas Ale this year.

I try to keep this page updated as I drink beers.  I do not always know when the Beer Model takes (steals) one of my beers, so quite often, my counts are off on lighter beers like Wetta Blonde and Girly Berry.  Every once and awhile I'll do a full count of everything I have in stock.  Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised to learn I had more of a particular beer than I thought.  That is sort of like Christmas to me.

Brewing Notes:
11/26/2015 esheppy

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