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Brewing Notes:
03/14/2010 Bottled sheppy
Bottled the beer today with 2.5oz sugar in 1 cup water. Got 3 liter and 17 12 oz bottles. FG was 1.022, which I guess is ok for my first lager. Sample was really good. Can't wait to taste finished beer.
Labeled the bottles today. Only had 16 12oz bottles. Not sure how Tyler and I miscounted. There was a QLC in the carbonation coolers. I wonder if that one was mis-labeled. Oh well, one less beer than I had is not the end of the world.
Placed into conditioning cooler. May 1st sound like a good first taste? We'll see.
Put a couple in the beer fridge. Need a QA taste.
Tried a bottle. Very clean, malt forward, full bodied beer with a touch of sweetness. Not much of a head which is surprising with such a subtantial bodied beer. Would like to let this condition awhile.
04/15/2010 esheppy
Not much head on the one I had last night either. Good malty background, though.
Coming to the end of these. Don't think I'll make more of this one ... needs more hops.
... but it does (I think) taste like it should for a dopple bock.
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