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Brewing Notes:
Bought ingredients yesterday and made my yeast starter last night. Brewing this weekend.
07/22/2011 Different is good! Robert
Mine's a little different but different is good and based on your #3 I do believe. Great beer and is superb alternative to all those citrus beers out there! Great job!
07/25/2011 Brew Day esheppy
Yesterday was brew day. Things went pretty well, although it was very hot outside. Wort was at 60 this morning and the yeasties had not really started yet. Hope to see activity when I get home tonight.
08/06/2011 Gravity Sample esheppy
Today, I used the wine thief to grab a sample. The gravity was a little high at 1.018, but my mash temps did get a bit high, so that is not unexpected. The aroma coming out of the carboy seemed a bit off, but the sample tasted very good with the nice biscuity, nutty flavor that this yeast does a good job giving me. It does seem a bit sweet, but that is probably due to the high FG. Plus, I am used to drinking QLC, which is much more bitter.
08/09/2011 Kegged esheppy
Kegged it up. Still at 1.018. Tasted good. Got my PSI up to 35 and then disconnected because beer leaked into the gas line. Think I overfilled the keg.
Drained some beer off the top and re-pressurized to 35psi. Did not get the spillage back into the CO2 line, so I hope that means I got enough out so that the gas dip tube is no longer under beer. Going to keep this keg warm for a couple of weeks I think.
08/26/2011 First taste esheppy
Poured myself a couple of mugs from the keg. Carbonation seems about right. Nice color. Maybe a little more fruity esters than previous batches of P&T, but that might just be because I have not had it in awhile. Very tasty.
09/10/2011 esheppy
Filled 14 12 oz bottles and 1 bomber from the keg. First time using the beer gun. Have some process tweaks, but all-in-all it went well.
10/06/2011 esheppy
Was going to use the beer gun again. Filled one bottle and the keg died.
04/26/2012 esheppy
Had a bottle. Carb much better on this than Rocktoberfest. Tasting great still.
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