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Hail Storm Summer Saison

Brewed: 07/07/2019   Bottled: 07/31/2019

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Brewing Notes:
07/07/2019 esheppy
Brew day today. Everything went well. OG ended up at 1.048. Tilt battery seems to be dead, so I am not monitoring this batch via Tilt.
07/31/2019 esheppy
Kegged last night. FG 1.003. Also added some to BBD Mango Pale in hopes of reducing that mango flavor. Extra 2 gallons had a weird taste, but that doesn't come through in mango beer.
08/01/2019 esheppy
Rocked in the CO2. Obviously I had to try some. Very tasty. Yummy
08/04/2019 esheppy
Awesome beer. Well, duh. I made it 🍺😎🍺
08/18/2019 esheppy
Yum πŸ˜‹
09/12/2019 esheppy
Killed the keg. Didn't seem to last long. Was a great beer, but gone now. Need to brew more.
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