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Brewing Notes:
12/08/2011 esheppy
Got ingredients during the day. At night, made a starter with 4 cups water 1 cup DME and two harvested US05 pint jars.
12/13/2011 esheppy
Brewed on Sunday (see my blog entry "Another Batch of Stone Soup"). Temp started at 65 and got down to 62. Fermentation did start up well before day 1 was started. Going strong right now (day 2 morning) and still a bit above 62.
12/14/2011 esheppy
Beginning of day 3, still going strong. Temp up to 66.
12/15/2011 esheppy
Got a blow-off late yesterday. Fermentation still going strong this morning.
12/16/2011 esheppy
Still going. Temp at 68 in the morning.
12/19/2011 esheppy
Meant to dry-hop yesterday. Never got around to it.
12/19/2011 Dry Hop esheppy
Dry hopped with 2oz cascade and 1oz Centennial. Put about .5oz in each of 6 muslin hop sacks. Originally intended 1.5oz cascade and 2oz centennial, but under estimated how much centennial I had. May add another oz into the keg when we get there.
12/30/2011 Kegged (last night) esheppy
Kegged it up after taking gravity sample. 1.013 is pretty good attenuation. Love the flavor. Think maybe I left some of the dry-hop aroma in the hop sacks. Maybe I should have submerged them? Pressurized keg to 30 psi and am letting sit off the gas in room temp for awhile. Want to try to open a spot in the keggerator in a week or two for this. Can't wait to drink.
01/07/2012 esheppy
Put the keg in the keggerator. Probably won't try until next weekend.
01/12/2012 first taste esheppy
Nice beer. Wonderful citrusy hop flavor and aroma in a smooth black beer. Not sure I would call it chocolatey. Certainly not what I would call roasty. Perhaps a bit caramel. Just a nice Black IPA. Perhaps a bit undercarbed. Put under 15psi after I grabbed a couple of glasses.
03/01/2012 esheppy
Blew the keg already last night. Probably need to brew something hoppy to replace the empty spot left behind by this beer.
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