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Brewing Notes:
05/17/2014 esheppy
Bought ingredients last night at a new lhbs. Overshot the amount of flavor grains and decided just to leave those amounts in. We'll have to see if "Buckwheat" notices a difference.
05/19/2014 esheppy
Brewed yesterday. Things went pretty well, although my OG is a bit low at 1.053. Fermentation was active this morning at 60 degrees.
05/20/2014 esheppy
Monday evening fermentation was rocking at 64. This morning, things are slowing down 68.
05/21/2014 esheppy
Took a sample. Tasting really good. Lots of yeast haziness still. Gravity at 1.016, putting the beer at almost 5% abv. Expect it to drop a few more points. Hope it clears up some.
06/01/2014 esheppy
Kegged. Sample tasted like what I think this beer should taste like. Nice golden color. Clarity improved from last comment, but still not perfectly clear. This is OK in the beer. 1.014 fg puts the abv at 5.1. Put in beer fridge to cool some before putting in keggerator. Should be drinking by next weekend.
07/06/2014 esheppy
The Beer Model and I have been drinking. Really good. Think it is almost gone.
07/26/2014 esheppy
The Beer Model killed the keg last night. I noticed that her glass of beer was crystal clear.
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