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Future Brews

Beers that I am planning on brewing in the future.

Previously Brewed Beers

These are beers that I brewed but have been consumed by greedy beer drinkers who either visited or already live at the brewery:

  • Stone Soup IDA
    Hoppy like an IPA, but contains enough chocolate and black patent malts to darken it up like a brown or maybe even a porter.

  • Tommy Hawk APA
    Originally, this was an attempt at replicating New Belgium's Brewery's Mighty Arrow APA with Mr. Beer ingredients. It has morphed into a tasty all-grain beer. Sort of on the border of IPA and Pale Ale. Great beer to drink while watching the Stanley Cup playoffs.

  • Eric The Awful Red Ale
    Sort of a combination of Eric's Red and Quarter Life Crisis. Malt bill of an Irish Red with the hopping of an IPA.

  • Near-Sighted Swine IPA
    This is a really hoppy west-coast ipa. Really, my first.

  • Pats Disliker New England Pale Ale
    Low alcohol pale ale designed to mimic parts of a hazy New England Style IPA. Since we hate the New England Patriots, though, we won't go all in with the style.

  • Resilience IPA Clone(ish)
    Pretty close to the AHA clone recipe of Sierra Nevada Resilience IPA. Brewed in solidarity with Sierra Nevada and pro breweries across the country in their goal to help raise much needed support for the recovery efforts of the Camp Fire ravaged northern Californians.

  • Foothills India Pale Ale
    India Pale Ale. inspired by Odell IPA. Part of the 6 pack project.

  • Irregular Eric Double IPA
    Part of the homebrew 6 pack inspired by Deviant Dale's IPA.

  • Colorado Strong IPA
    Brewed this in consolidation with the 2021 "Colorado Strong" initiative.

  • Archived Beers: 
    These are beers which I brewed, but most likely will not brew again... at least in the near future.  Currently, these are all recipes with Mr. Beer bases.
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